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Someone sent me a message last week that asked, "Tim, are you still building network marketing?" Ha! I am more active and sharper on my craft than any other time in my life. 

Becoming a top leader and achieving the goal of Exponential Residual Income isn't easynor is it hard.  It is simply executing specific actions at the right time.  There are four "locations" I see people most stuck:
  • Just starting, don't know how to get a team.
  • Small size team, can't motivate the team or get duplication.
  • Medium size team, no leverage - scattered - doing it all yourself.
  • ​Large size team, upline or company working against your efforts (this can happen in any of the four steps).
Executing the right actions at the right time is vital!

Regardless of where you are, nothing is as important as choosing the right company.  Most people look at the product and/or the compensation plan and decide "yes" if they think they can earn money.  That's what I did in my first company and statistically, I got lucky.  Like 1/10,000 lucky!

After I retired (yet still earning my check) I consulted more than 200 network marketing companies and top leaders.  WOW did I learn a lot!  

I've seen hundreds of comp plans, most management styles, lots of products, and through that experience I established a very specific "5-requirements" criteria.  Watch this new video that explains it.

Yes, you can make temporary money in most any company.  But if you're after long-term Exponential Residual Income, watch the video here.
Tim Sales mentors a group of young network marketers.
Tim Sales
Tim Sales is one of the most widely respected top professionals in Network Marketing today.  

Author of Brilliant Compensation (44 million copies sold or downloaded), creator of the weekly video series Network Marketing Power, built teams that have sold over $1 Billion dollars of products.  
  • Taught Network Marketing course at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 
  • Interviewed by Larry King and Grant Cardone
  • Founding distributor at his company.
  • ​57 Millionaires created in the last 7 years!
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