Professional Inviter

Master the One Skill Guaranteed to Make You Successful

If you’re new to my teaching, let me explain that everything you need to know to be a raging success in network marketing is contained in only three steps – Invite, Present and Train. It’s really no more complicated than that.

The most important skill that everything else hinges on is your ability to successfully invite prospects to view a presentation.

Think about it. Presentations and new distributor trainings can be done using professionally-designed materials (live events, cd’s, tapes, videos). But the inviting must be done by YOU. If you can’t successfully invite prospects to take a look at the initial presentation, you won’t get far in this business. Read the rest of this entry

Why Ariix?

Why Ariix

Criteria #1: Why Ariix Is Going To Last Long Term?

The way to measure if the company is going long-term is by looking at the management team’s track record. The management has a history of failure or a history of successes. And that leaves clues. Fred Cooper is ARIIX CEO and Mark Wilson is ARIIX President and they have been the key leaders who drove a very well-respected Network Marketing company to $500 Million a year in sales. Tim said that he worked as a trainer for that company and everytime he wanted things to get done, these were the guys who were making things happen. There are always movers and shakers in every successful company. Fred Coper and Mark Wilson have the vision and management skills to put things together and make it a success. Their past history is rock solid. Everyone who knows them, know that.

Being capable of meeting financial requirements is curcial (Seems like ARIIX turned money away therefore it seems they’re solvent). But how do you really know? Well… there are three management resources to look at: Inventories, Employees, and Leaders. Read the rest of this entry

Tim Sales New MLM Company called Ariix

Ariix Tim Sales

Tim Sales New MLM Company called Ariix

Tim Sales New MLM Company ARIIX launching…

Have you heard about it? Tim Sales, Multilevel marketing Expert and Industry Trainer is back in the game to become the Master Distributor with ARIIX. Tim told me that he will build ARIIX like a Distributor and not paid as a consultant, trainer or else from the company.  He will be compensated like all the other distributors by building an organization.

For those of you who don’t know Tim Sales, then watch him carefully, he’ll be riding this company like you have never seen, and if you’ve been in the sidelines or are at the top level, watch out because there’s never been a better time for you to join a business than now.

Now, how do you determine if this company is another fly-by-night start-up doomed to fail?  Or could this potentially be considered your chance to get you to finally reach financial freedom? Read the rest of this entry

Tim Sales Ariix Review (to come)

Tim Sales Ariix… Are You One Of The Leaders
Tim Sales Is Looking For?

Your opportunity to partner with the legend himself…

  • If you ever dreamed of building a downline of thousands of distributors and walk on the stage to receive your award as a new top leader with thousands of people cheering you on…
  • If you truly want to live first class, traveling to exotic locations, drive luxurious cars…
  • If you have ever wanted to make huge residual income, clear off your debts, and achieve total financial freedom…

Then this is the most important step you will ever make!

Because I want to help you accomplish all of those things and more! I am right now gathering a group of people who will become the next leaders in an MLM company, working with me and my leadership team, as we create the new breed of network marketing legends… you could be part of the story.